Understanding Data Processing in Tomappo

How personalized gardening advice is born

Your digital gardening assistant, dedicated to a personalized gardening experience that benefits your garden and our business.

A Win-Win Approach: Personalization and Business

  • Our personalized service enhances your experience and supports our business model, including PRO subscriptions and advertising space.
  • We focus on relevancy rather than attention-grabbing tactics to increase click-through rates, aligning our advertising with your interests.

Our Knowledge Graph: The Core of Personalization

What is a Knowledge Graph?

  • A networked database that connects data by linking related information, used to store interconnected descriptions of entities with free-form semantics.
  • Our knowledge graph offers personalized suggestions by connecting your data with external sources like the EPPO database and Wikidata.

Personalized Recommendations: Tailored to Your Garden

  • We use your gardening activities and preferences to recommend relevant content to you.
  • Our recommender systems prioritize content relevancy to ensure the most useful information for your gardening needs.

Data Security and Transparency: Our Ethical Commitment

  • Your data is anonymized for security and managed in strict compliance with data privacy laws. See our privacy policy for (legal) details.
  • Our data processing focuses on personalizing advice, promoting relevant products, and supporting research.

Data Processing Explained: How We Personalize Your Experience

Vectorization – Simplified

  • The conversion of information into vectors (arrays of numbers) for efficient processing by computer algorithms.
  • By analyzing your gardening data, our systems provide smart, tailored advice to enhance your experience.

Conclusion: Cultivating Success Together

  • We continually refine Tomappo to meet your gardening needs and improve our services.
  • Each interaction with Tomappo enhances our service, benefiting the community of gardeners.
  • We're committed to providing a beneficial service while maintaining a sustainable business model. For questions or assistance, contact us. Happy gardening!