Simple and efficient

Tomappo is a modern channel for advertising various gardening products and services. Features of advertising with Tomappo:

  • Narrowly targeted audience: gardeners and gardeners only
  • Easy to operate - you provide us with basic information, we take care of the rest.
  • Two major user groups: 'ordinary' and 'younger' gardeners.
  • Even dispersion throughout Slovenia.
  • The possibility of localized advertising, e.g. all users within 20 km of your garden center.
  • Half of our users are in Slovenia, currently over 15000.
  • We are constantly growing. On average, 80% a year..

For these reasons, our advertising is effective. Wondering how effective?

We asked our users about 30 km from the Gašperlin Garden Center: "Have you ever shopped at the Gašperlin Garden Center?" The users were divided into two groups. The first were users who were exposed to our advertising, and the second were those who did not see our ads for the Gašperlin Garden Center. The difference is large and statistically significant, since the p-value was 0.01, which is less than the established 0.05.

"Have you ever shopped at the Gašperlin Garden Center?"

Učinkovito oglaševanje - brez oglasov
Without Tomappo advertising YES 19,4%
Učinkovito oglaševanje - z oglasi
The effect of Tomappo advertising YES 42,5%

The advertising options we offer:

We align these options with your goals and strategies. However, we are constantly updating and improving our offer, so we are open to your suggestions.

Garden boutique

Your products in our offer

Do you have an interesting, possibly unique gardening product that you would like to present to Slovenian gardeners? It may be suitable for our Garden boutique, where we offer a selection of different products that are difficult to find in conventional garden centers. Do you offer services? Sure.

Partnership program

Tomappo products in your sales program

To enhance your offer you can include Tomappo products in your sales program. You can offer everything in bulk or just some. Choose from the following:

  • PRO planer subscription(digital product for online sales)
  • PRO planer subscription(gift tokens on a stand for sale in physical stores)
  • Tomappo garden meter
  • Garden sensor (soon)
  • Tomappo tools

We appropriately support the inclusion of the product in your sales program through our advertising channels.

Digital services

In combination with the rest of the offer, or separately, we can provide you with other services. We specialize in the "green" domain.

Social media management

Trending, liking, and sharing on your behalf

  1. Network management from strategy layout to execution
  2. Content writing, including for your blog
  3. Mailing lists management, content writing

Website design

We set up a digital window display quickly

  • Simple demo page
  • Fast execution, minimal talk
  • Inclusion in the Tomappo directory of partners

Creating apps

Advanced IKT solutions

  • Web and mobile apps
  • User experience design and implementation
  • Examples: Tomappo garden planner and mobile app :)