Your personal gardening assistant

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Your personal gardening assistant

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sowing calendar
info about 60+ vegetables
seed exchange
garden sensor
good/bad neighbours
crop rotation
weather forecast
notes and reminders

Tomappo - a large family of gardeners


Tomappo members

180 ha

of cultivated area

7000 tons

of vegetables grown

What Tomappo offers?

Many solutions for even greater joy in the garden

Mobile app

Always with you in the garden

  • Check out sowing calendar and weather forecast.
  • Read the essential information about 60+ vegetables.
  • Enter your notes and photos.
  • Trust the reminders so you do not forget a task.
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Unfortunately, the iOS version is not yes supported this season.

Garden sensor

For smart gardening

The seeds do not sprout in cold soil and the plants are not thriving. Not to mention proper soil moisture!

Learn more about the garden sensor

Garden planner

Clear and easy garden planning

  • Consider good/bad plant neighbours.
  • Estimate suitable distance between plants.
  • Define the required amount of plants or seeds for the selected size of your garden bed and yield.
  • Simply take into consideration crop rotation and layout on your garden beds throughout the year.
Start planning now
Start planning now

All you need to start planning is a computer mouse, a keyboard and a larger screen.

Garden boutique

Garden meter, oscillating hoe, plant minerals and more!

Garden boutique

Garden meter, oscillating hoe, plant minerals and more!

Check the offer

Garden meter

To keep your crops in line!

So the peas will be in a straight line and the onions won't be crowded. Because overcrowded plants don't get enough sunlight and plants too far apart get dried by the sun sooner.

Why is garden spacing important?

What do the users say?

We are among the top rated gardening apps in the world

“Easy way to organise your garden. Very useful!”

Primoz Vogrinec, March 9, 2019

“I'm a pure beginner and welcome the app. It is understandable, picturesque, practical ... in short, excellent.”

Breda Stepan, 4. februar 2019

“Very useful application. It has everything an average gardener needs.”

Vladimir Pečar, 16. januar 2019

“It helps me a lot.”

Ivanka Cenko, 18. junij 2018

“Mega. There is only one application missing to swing the hoe.”

Anonimous, 18. junij 2018

“A transparently useful application.”

Kristina Lunaček, 7. maj 2018

“A brief and concise description of everything a gardener who wants to have their own bio garden needs to know!”

Simona Višenjak, 10. maj 2018

“Fast and easy.”

Petra Anastazija, 2. april 2018

Tomappo has a Google Play rating of 4,6 and is one of the best rated gardening apps in the world. The rating is calculated based on the opinions of more than thousand users.

And how much does it all cost?

Less than a few pounds of tasteless 'plastic' vegetables

sowing calendar
Notes in picture and word
Reminder entry
Information about 60+ crops
Weekly news
Good/bad plant neighbours
Weather forecast for the location of the garden
Seed exchange (soon)
Hour display in sowing calendar
Crop rotation
Garden plan view on your phone
Planning multiple gardens
Information on herbs
Automatic reminders based on the garden plan (soon)
Gratitude from the Tomappo team
For all
Always at hand, for free.

Garden planning simplified.

For groups

For associations, neighborhoods ...

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